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11-Aug-2017 01:54

If anyone needs me to write up the basic steps of doing creating a browser-enabled form from scratch, let me know via the Blog Request Log: User Profile Service – Get Common Memberships Method We must add this superb web service to our form template as a data connection.

Please use the first 8 steps of Itay’s writeup to get this done as I can only give him credit for my extensive knowledge of this web service.

To set up the dropdown, follow these steps: Fig 5 – Dropdown Bound to Main Data Source and Showing GCM Group Data Add Necessary Fields to Form Template, Create Layout, and Configure Default Values First, manually create all the fields and groups you see below (Fig 6). Do not mimic these in your real form, because they will depend on your group names, which we’ll get to shortly.

Fig 6 – Data Structure Next, we need to create our layout on the canvas (Fig 7).

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I will delete the columns named Fig 3 – Partial GCM Table with Relevant Columns Only If you ever plan to use this method for displaying a user’s list of group memberships, you may want to only show the Distribution List records.There are probably several methods, but here is the one I have come up with that uses all built-in functions of Info Path and MOSS 2007 without any code and leverages Active Directory Security Groups.Here is an outline of the steps with the assumption that you already have a working, browser-enabled form.I am used to seeing that with my main data source, but it does not always happen when referencing a secondary data source node.

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