Updating tivoli backup client

27-Oct-2017 23:25

If you are performing a snapshot backup of two or more virtual mount points for the same file system with a single command, such as: dsmc incr /fs1/level1/dir1 /fs1/level1/level2/dir2 /fs1/level1/level2/level3/dir3 The TSM client will take a single snapshot of file system /fs1 to back up all three virtual mount points.In this case, make sure that you specify a single presnapshotcmd and a single postsnapshotcmd for the entire command as shown below: dsmc incr /fs1/level1/dir1 /fs1/level1/level2/dir2 /fs1/level1/level2/level3/dir3 -presnapshotcmd=pre-script -postsnapshotcmd=post-script The restored file should now be owned by the authorized user tsmuser.However this method requires maintaining a list of file systems to back up for each client, and the file space last backup start and end times are not updated on the TSM server.Method 1 Backup-archive client option -ABSOLUTE was introduced in Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client version 6.4.1.These instructions assume that anyone administering a Linux system is technically savvy.

For example, another method is to schedule periodic SELECTIVE backups of each file system.

Is there any way to configure TSM to emulate the weekly full/daily incremental backup model?

The two methods described below enable Tivoli Storage Manager to perform periodic "full" backups.

However, the restored file file1 is still owned by the original owner testusr.

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In order to avoid this problem, restore the file either as root or as the original owner of the file.These will be incremental backups due to the MODE=MODIFIED setting. Monday through Friday backups will also be incremental because the MODE is still set to MODIFIED.Each of these terminals has a slightly different key map, so certain keys, such as the destructive backspace or the arrow keys, might not be supported on your workstation.Every Saturday at PM, each copy group's MODE setting will be changed to ABSOLUTE. Every Saturday at PM, the client backups will start.