Validating country documents

26-Oct-2017 18:21

The outcome of Validation can have different consequences for the status of the country as member of the EITI.

The following figure illustrates the consequences of Validation results.

It can also be found in the EITI Standard after requirement 8.8.

You can find more information on the statuses of countries by following the link below. The Validation procedure has since been updated and improved on a number of occasions.

It also presents an overview of the country overall status.

validating country documents-2

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The initial assessment will not include an overall assessment of compliance. The Validator assesses whether the Secretariat's initial assessment been carried out in accordance with the Validation Guide.Having considered the MSG’s comments, the Validator compiles a Final Validation Report.The Validator writes to the MSG to explain how it has considered their comments.In 2015, the EITI Board conducted a review of the Validation process, including an extensive consultation process.