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All things considered after great performances at Europeans and Grand Prix (in France) lots of expectations, still fought for it at Worlds and had a really good score all things considered. Next year, instead of fighting trying to move up we are already in a different group now, at a different level. V: After WTT we started new choreography and went on a much needed vacation.

So we’re starting right where we need to be to be at the top for the Olympics. We were happy to have won the pairs competition but mostly proud to have skated so well for our coach Jeremy Barrett and his wife Lucy who was diagnosed the day before our short program with leukemia.

If we find the team that suit us, yes, if we don’t find one, that’s it. V: It’s too much sacrifice, too much work and too much emotion for not to work. We were not too convinced in the beginning, but we said, we trust our team and we have a fresh start and once we started working on the ice it went really well.

Either we’re going to pass this cap or it’s not worth it. Q: Your coaches turned out to be the perfect choice, also with your programs. For the short we first had “The Mask of Zorro”, we did a small competition in Miami, but we realized that this is not the right program for us, this wasn’t what we wanted. Step by step we created this short program and I think it was also good, it suited us and people liked it.

After an outstanding season which saw them on the podium at the ISU European Figure Skating Championships, Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres head into the 2017/2018 season aiming for an Olympic Medal.

V= Vanessa James; M= Morgan Cipres; Q= Interviewer Tatjana Flade for ISU. M: It was a different season for us, we changed our team and we started many things from scratch and changed a lot like our programs and our ways to work.

It was even more special I think, because we skated last and all the other skaters skated so well. I was like what the heck, this can’t be happening right now. But that shows all the work that we’ve done, all the training and the consistency we have on the elements, because I can tell you, if we did that last year, that program would have been a mess. Q: As you said you changed coaches and moved to the USA for training.

It is not like, ‘oh the others made mistakes, that’s why the won the medal’. Champions are made from difficulties, not just have it the easy way going. I’m really, really proud of all the training and the consistency and the confidence that we have behind us now. How did you find your coaches John Zimmerman and Silvia Fontana?

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The World Championships weren’t as good, but we still had a much higher score than last year. V: I’m very happy and proud of the step that we’ve made.

I think everyone remembers us and we left an impression.

V: The most memorable thing for me was the audience, like the standing ovation, people screaming during the medal ceremony, it was amazing.

We did the solo jump (the next element) which was not easy and I think we did a good program after (the fall), but in fact we cannot make a mistake like that at the World Championships in the short program. We said we need something that suits us, someone who can take us to the top.

This cost us a lot of points and we could have been in the top five, I think. We thought about it together and Vanessa had the idea to work with John Zimmerman and his team. V: We decided we needed a change, because being fifth and fourth at Europeans and eight to tenth at Worlds wasn’t good enough for us.M: Yes, it was very emotional, because we finally realized this goal. It was not easy, there were five or six couples that could have been on the podium.The competition was just perfect and the level was the highest I’ve ever seen at Europeans. We did it and we had a standing ovation from the audience which was awesome.I don’t know by how many points we improved (our personal best) since last year, probably it is like 35 or so and it is with not perfect programs.

Jan 26, 2017. Since her father hails from Bermuda, Vanessa holds a British passport, which enableld her to skate pairs in Great Britain, before relocating to France to skate with Yannick Bonheur, prior to teaming up with Morgan, who formerly skated singles for France. Vanessa also previously skated singles for the U. S.… continue reading »

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VANESSA JAMES; Birth date 27 September 1987; Birth place Scarborough, Canada; Height 1.61m; Club Francais Volants; MORGAN CIPRES; Birth date 24 April 1991; Birth place Melun, France; Height 1.81m; Club CSG Dammarie Les Lys; Specialty pairs; Technician John Zimmerman, Jeremy Barrett.… continue reading »

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Official profile of Olympic athlete Vanessa JAMES, including results, medals, records, photos and more. Follow Vanessa JAMES at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games 9-25 Feb in Korea, the world's biggest winter sporting event.… continue reading »

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Yannick Bonheur and Vanessa James - the first black pair skaters to be in the Olympics. French figure skaters Vanessa James and Yannick Bonheur were the first black couple to compete in the Winter Olympics pairs figure skating competition, in Vancouver. We've got 11 perfect date ideas for the chilly winter season!… continue reading »

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