Victorious tori and beck dating kurt von eckroth dating

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After some advice from André, and when Trina threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't write a good review, Robbie is forced to make a decision, be honest or write a false review to please Trina.

In the end, Trina does her show again in front of a much bigger audience.

Tori leaned back from it unappreciatively."And why is this now on Tori thought murderously. We should be arriving in Los Angeles at around pm." The captain said soothingly. " He asked, referring to Tori's flight issues."Not so good," she frowned.

She reminded herself to take deep breaths and simply calmly explain to Trina what was wrong with her brain."I don't care if you're done with it–"Tori's lecture was interrupted by an obnoxious little boy behind Trina, happily shoving his feet against the back of her seat."Hey, kid, I told you to stop kicking my seat! " He challenged, kicking her seat more vigorously."Stop that! "We're not supposed to land until after 11."Beck frowned at her sympathetically.

"Ugh, I can't eat airplane food," she concluded, packing it all up. Tori zoned out as Trina complained to the kid's apathetic father. She had to meet up with André, Cat, and Beck to work on their project after she landed! Tori leaned back in despair when she saw an ad on the back of her seat."Gotta go online? Tori smiled to herself and opened her laptop to try and online chat with her project group.